ALGC Projects


  • President’s Project 2018–2019:  Plant America
  • President’s Project 2016–2018:  BeeGap

President’s Project • Jennifer Fenderbosch 

Plant America… Grow Our Future 

NGC’s 2017-2019 Presidential Project Plant America is designed to educate the public about gardening. The Avon-on-the-Lake Garden club is supporting the program by designing a 3,000’ Pollinator Outdoor Classroom Garden at the Old Firehouse Community Center. The Garden Club’s President is promoting the program along with her them Plant America… Grow Our Future by involving multi-generations in the installation and maintenance of the garden. Two schools, library, participants from the Community Center, City employees and members of the Garden Club will plant, harvest and maintain the Pollinator Outdoor Classroom Garden. Participants will learn about native plants, native bees and other pollinators in support of the BeeGAP Program. Educational signage, a rain chain, dry channel, permeable walkway, rain barrel will demonstrate environmental storm water management. Delicious fruits, berries, and edible plants will be harvested for the local food pantry run by Community Resource Services. The community and visitors will enjoy strolling through the beautiful garden. 

President’s Project 2016–2018:  BeeGap

Interview with former Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club president, Beth Murphy, about the BeeGap project.