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President’s Theme and Project 2020–2021

Plant America…Share Our Vision

President’s Theme and Project 2018–2020

Plant America…Grow Our Future

President’s Project 2016–2018



President’s Theme and Project 2020–2021

Plant America…Share Our Vision

• Elaine George

As the Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club celebrates our 90th Anniversary, we will try to get to know our founders and how they forged the foundation of the club we know today. Formed at the very beginning of The Great Depression, those early members not only felt the need to form a group of gardening lovers but also a group that was anxious to share their passion with the community at large. These ladies had a vision and so do we! As we begin this new fiscal year, we also find ourselves living in challenging times. The pandemic that has gripped our nation and the world for the past several months has changed lives everywhere. Likewise, our club has had to make some significant changes but we have been able to safely work in the community gardens of Avon Lake and believing that doing so is good for body, mind and spirit, we will be sharing our vision by installing a Free Book Box House in the Miller Park Wildflower Garden. Our plan is to stock it with gardening books for the whole family. We are also hoping to be able to work with the docents at the historical Peter Miller House to teach the school groups that visit the home about the variety and uses of herbs in the pioneer housewife’s garden.

President’s Project 2018–2020

Plant America… Grow Our Future 

• Jennifer Fenderbosch

Gay L. Austin, the 2019-2021 National Garden Club’s President will continue to support the “Plant America”projectthat isdesigned to educate the public about gardening.  Marylou Smith, the 2019 – 2020 Garden Club of Ohio’s President project theme is “Plant America. Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Gardeners.  Both have challenged local Garden Clubs to focus on programs that support education and the youth.  The PollinatorGarden at Avon Lake’s Old Firehouse Community Center supports both themes. The 2019 – 2020 ALGC’s President’s Project theme is “Plant America… Grow Our Legacy”.To support “Grow Our Legacy”the ALGC President’s project will focus on local school involvement in the NGC and GCO Youth Projects: Youth Sculpture Contest, Youth Essay Contest, Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest, and the Preserving our Natural Habitats Contest.  These projects are focused on K-12 students building upon the legacy that ALGC has developed within the community.  Invite a child to partake in nature and the love of nature will never leave.

President’s Project 2016–2018:  BeeGap

•  Beth Murphy

Interview with former Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club president, Beth Murphy, about the BeeGap project.